GoFIBER Internet

Fast, Reliable, & Affordable High-speed Internet.

Our internet service is Fast. We offer internet speeds up to 1 Gig and have 2 millisecond latency to One Wilshire in Los Angeles. We offer symmetrical upload and download speeds so unlike Cable which might give you 10 megs up and 2 megs down. We offer symmetrical connections so that your upload is as fast as your download. A 10 meg connection from us is 10 megs up and 10 megs down. This means cloud applications you use will be more responsive and emails will send much more quickly. Our connections are also scalable so for example if you start out with a 10 meg connection and find that your bandwidth requirements grow over time we can easily upgrade your bandwidth to meet your needs.

We Own 100% of Our Network

Our internet service is Reliable. We constantly monitor network traffic to ensure consistent, reliable performance and stand behind our service with an industry leading Service Level Agreement

Our internet service is Affordable. Instead of relying on local phone and cable providers, we have built and are continuing to expand our own service footprint. We hold down costs by owning and operating our own infrastructure.

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GoFIBER vs the other guys.

Other ISPs pricing structures are often governed by the large overhead expenses of incumbent providers. These large overhead expenses are essentially passed on to you, the customer. We do not suffer from such limitations as we own the links to each building we light up. This allows us to be more flexible in our pricing and pass additional savings on to our customers.

We offer high bandwidth, reliable internet connections at affordable prices. We stand behind our service with an industry leading SLA and leverage our position as a "last mile" provider to pass cost savings onto our customers.

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