Small & Midsize Business Solutions

GoFIBER is a leader in next generation internet and voice services. We offer high-end fiber internet services including, Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol), high speed web browsing, and unified communications solutions for small-to medium sized businesses, as well as to enterprise level customers.

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive T1 or slow DSL service we may be the solution you are looking for. In today’s fast moving economy, when it comes to internet, it is essential to have the same efficiency and speed as your larger competitors. Allow your small business to thrive with our affordable and reliable communications services and solutions.

GoFIBER Internet

Just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you have to compromise quality and affordability when it comes to your internet service. Whether you work from home or out of an office you can rest assured that our reliable internet is always on.

Keep the world at your fingertips with our blazingly fast internet service. We are high on bandwidth and low on latency so you can focus on your business rather than on the problems wrought by the slow speeds of our many competitors.

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Phone & PBX Solutions

Other ISPs pricing structures are governed by the large overhead expenses of incumbent providers. These large overhead expenses are essentially passed on to you, the customer. We do not suffer from such limitations as we own the links to each building we light up. This allows us to be more flexible in our pricing and pass additional savings on to our customers.

Our continuous network monitoring coupled with our world-class tools allows us to deliver one the best Service Level Agreements in the industry.

PBX Features