GoFIBER is a leader in next generation internet and voice services. If you are looking for an alternative to expensive T1 or slow DSL service we may have a fiber solution you are looking for

We offer high-end fiber internet services including, Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol), high speed web browsing, and a unified communications solutions.

GoFIBER Internet

Just because you are a home, small busines, or enterprise it doesn’t mean you have to compromise quality and affordability when it comes to your internet service.

Keep the world at your fingertips with our blazingly fast internet service We are a high bandwidth and low on latency internet service provider.

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Phone Services

Our voice solutions use all CISCO hardware and software so you can rest assured that your solution will be both feature rich and robust. Whether your a consumber or business you will be able to take advantage of our advance Cisco technology, allowing you to reduce your capital expenditure on a new phone system by leveraging your current infrastructure. At the same time your system will be ready to take advantage of new technologies such as SIP/VOIP the moment you are ready for it.

We deploy the most current version of CISCO’s PBX software which has over 200 features and will help your organization realize a new level of communication efficiency. Whether it is Auto Attendant, Unlimited Phone Lines, Voicemail to Email, or any of the other 200 features a CISCO PBX offers we have you covered.

PBX Features
Consumer-to-Consumer Messaging Solution

Messaging is is primarily intended for person to consumer (P2P)* communication. If you wish to use SMS to interact with your customers from an application (A2P), please contact sales for options. Consumer (P2P)* messaging is sent by a Consumer to one or more Consumers and is consistent with typical Consumer operation (i.e., message exchanges are consistent with conversational messaging among Consumers), as described below. To provide greater certainty and consistency across the messaging ecosystem and to distinguish between Consumer (P2P)* and Non-Consumer (A2P)** messaging, these Principles and Best Practices establish definitions of Consumer (P2P)* wireless messaging traffic around the concept of typical Consumer operation.

Typical Consumer Operation:

In general, wireless messaging traffic from a 10-digit NANP telephone number that is consistent with all of the attributes of typical Consumer operation described in the below table and meets other best practices described in "CTIA Messaging Principles and Best Practice" document should be deliverable as Consumer (P2P) messaging traffic, unless it exhibits characteristics of Unwanted Messaging traffic. Other characteristics may provide evidence that messages should be classified as Consumer (P2P) messaging. Please note the below attributes are not mutually exclusive or exhaustive.

p2p attributes

Note: Above table has been sourced from "CTIA Messaging Principles and Best Practice".

* Consumer (P2P) is an individual person who subscribes to specific wireless messaging services or messaging applications. Consumers do not include agents of businesses, organizations, or entities that send messages to Consumers.

** Non-Consumer (A2P) is a business, organization, or entity that uses messaging to communicate with Consumers. Examples may include, but are not limited to, large-to-small businesses, financial institutions, schools, medical practices, customer service entities, non-profit organizations, and political campaigns.