About Us

Your Next Generation Internet:
100 Mbps to 1 Gig

We specialize in offering high speed internet and voice services to businesses in the Southern California area. Instead of relying on local phone and cable providers, we have built and are continuing to expand our own footprint and currently reach over 200+ square miles.

We own the "Last Mile" of the buildings that we light up. This allows us to offer far better service at much better prices.
Affordable & Reliable Service

Because most internet service providers rely upon the local phone/cable provider (incumbent providers) to reach your office, their pricing structures are governed by the large overhead expenses of these incumbent providers. These large overhead expenses are essentially passed on to you, the customer. We do not suffer from such limitations as we own the link to each building we light up. We are committed to providing extremely reliable high-speed internet connections at very affordable prices.

Our Infrastructure is Owned and Operated by Us

Today, GoFIBER is a Next Generation Internet and Voice Service Provider giving you the unique capabilities of advanced Internet & VoIP communications. We offer Internet, voice, and unified communications solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses, as well as to enterprise level customers.