Enterprise Customers

GoFIBER is a leader in next generation internet and voice services. We offer high-end fiber internet services including, Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol), high speed web browsing, and unified communications solutions for consumber to small-to-medium sized businesses, as well as to enterprise level customers.

GoFIBER Internet Access

We are capable of providing secure, reliable high bandwidth internet up to 1Gig. No matter if you are consumer or multi-branch office, sharing files is fast easy and reliable, and sending/ receiving messages no matter the size takes only seconds.

GoFIBER has an abundance of reliable network resources which allows us the capability to deal with all your data needs. The high capacity GoFIBER IP network has one of the best levels of performance and reliability. With a lot of bandwidth and billing options you can order and pay for exactly what you need. GoFIBER Delivers 24x7 access to the internet even during high volume usage.

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A Full Service Phone

Our voice solutions use all CISCO hardware and software so you can rest assured that your solution will be both feature rich and robust. Our use of CISCO’s advanced technology allows us to reduce your capital expenditure on a new phone system by leveraging your current infrastructure (PRI/T1s) when it makes sense. At the same time your system will be ready to take advantage of new technologies such as SIP/VOIP the moment you are ready for it.

We deploy the most current version of CISCO’s PBX software which has over 200 features and will help your organization realize a new level of communication efficiency. Whether it is Auto Attendant, Unlimited Phone Lines, Voicemail to Email, or any of the other 200 features a CISCO PBX offers we have you covered.