Leverage our non-virtualized dedicated servers!

Evaluating, purchasing, and managing dedicated servers is time consuming and expensive and server hosting and everything it entails is probably not part of your core business. This is why we offer GoFIBER Dedicated Cloud Servers. You can run your business on our servers!

Dedicated Cloud Servers

GoFIBER offers dedicated cloud servers in a number of hardware and software configurations. We use extensive system monitoring and have a team of system administrators that proactively manage your servers. We offer a variety of operating systems ranging from Windows Server and Redhat Linux to BSD Unix. You can always upload your own OS image as it is a dedicated server. The standard features provided by GoFIBER Dedicated Cloud Servers are RAID storage, system monitoring, dedicated private VLANs, and remote device management.

We will design a system for you tailored to your business’s needs and your budget requirements.

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Unmetered Bandwidth

GoFIBER Dedicated Cloud Servers run on unmetered bandwidth connections ranging from 10 Mbps to a full Gig. There are NO 95th percentile billing "gotchas", just straight unmetered bandwidth.

GoFIBER has the bandwidth you need and a robust network that you can rely on. Our global network availability is 100% with a packet success rate of 99.99% and network latency to One Wilshire at 2 milliseconds!

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