With Speeds this fast the world is at your finger tips

1. Industry leading 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA)
2. Fast…Affordable… Reliable
3. Alternative to Slow/Pricey Cable, DSL, T1's

10 Mbps + T1/VOIP/or 8 Phone Lines for $899/mo.

We build rock solid PBX/VOIP Systems

Non-Virtualized Servers

Run your business on our servers and save money, time and space. We know that managing dedicated servers is time consuming ,expensive, and uses valuable office space. Click here to learn more about our solution.

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GoFIBER Internet

Fast, Affordable, and Reliable Internet. Delivered to your small or enterprise company!

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VOIP & Hosted PBX

A world class phone system at a price you can afford. Including 250+ Features!

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Colocation & Cloud

Run your business on our servers, and increase Productivity, Efficiency, and Output!

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If you are looking for an alternative to expensive T1 or slow DSL/Cable service we have a solution for you!

Because most internet service providers rely upon the local phone/cable provider (incumbent providers) to reach your location, their pricing structures are governed by the large overhead expenses of these incumbent providers. These large overhead expenses are essentially passed on to you, the customer. We do not suffer from such limitations as we own the link to each building we light up. We are committed to providing extremely reliable high-speed internet connections at very affordable prices.

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